Undergraduate Research and Teaching Experience

Why Engage in Undergraduate Research?

  • Develop personal relationships with faculty
  • Meet and interact with graduate students
  • Apply theory learned in the classroom
  • Create new knowledge through your own work
  • Gain experience for graduate school
  • Make better informed decisions about your future career


ECSE Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate research projects in the ECSE department are arranged based on mutual interests of individual faculty members and students. If you are interested in doing research with a faculty member in his/her research area, please contact the faculty member directly. For general questions about undergraduate research opportunities in the ECSE Department, you can also contact Prof. Jian Sun (jsun@rpi.edu; Office: JEC 5009).

Undergraduate Teaching Experience

The ECSE Department also offers Teaching Assistantship (TA) to undergraduate students who are interested in and qualified for assisting the teaching of certain courses. To be considered for these TA positions, please contact Prof. Michael Wozny (woznym@ecse.rpi.edu; Office: JEC 6052).