Amar Khoukhi

Amar Khoukhi
Sr. Lecturer
Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
JEC 6040

Dr. Amar Khoukhi has been with the Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) as a Sr. Lecturer since August 2019. He received an Advanced Diploma of University Studies in Operation Research from Decision Mathematics Institute of Paris IX Dauphine University, a Doctorate of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Paris Tech School of Engineering, 1991, France, and obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnic Montreal, Canada June 2007. Over the last several years, he had been involved in several research projects in the fields of soft computing, robotics and petroleum engineering, and published more than 130 international peer-reviewed journal and conference papers. Dr. Khoukhi is a senior member of IEEE, and member of Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Xi and Emerald Literacy Association


Ph. D in Mechanical Eng., Mechanical Engineering Dept. University of Montreal, 2007
Doctorate of Engineering, Computer Engineering Dept. Paris Tech School of Engineering, 1991
Advanced Degree of University Studies, Operation Research, Decision Mathematics Institute, University of Paris IX Dauphine, 1985

Focus Area

Robotics, Control Systems, Machine Learning, Optimization, Petroleum Engineering

Selected Scholarly Works

Issued Patents

1. Directional drilling system and method, US20150345222 Published: 2015-12-03

2. Control method for mobile parallel manipulators US 8977394, Published: 2015-03-10

3. Parallel kinematic machine trajectory planning method US 8719212 Published: 2014-05-06

4. Method of predicting gas composition US 8700549, Published: 2014-04-15

5. Method of performing facial recognition using genetically modified fuzzy linear discriminant analysis US8478005. Published: 2013-07-02

Selected Journal & Conference Publications

1. T. Helmy, M. I. Hossain, A. Adbulraheem, S. M. Rahman A. Khoukhi, M. Elshafei Prediction of non-hydrocarbon gas components in separator by using Hybrid Computational Intelligence models, Neural Computing and Applications, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 635–649, 2017.

2. A.Khoukhi, Data-driven multi-stage multi-objective motion planning of mobile robots, application to near minimum power fuzzy parking, Computers and Electrical Engineering, Volume 43, , Pages 218-237 April 2015

3. M. Talib, M. Elshafei, A. Khoukhi, A. Saif , A. Adbulraheem, “ Modeling and control of quad-rotor Directional Steering System, IEEE Int’l Symp. on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications, pp. 76–83, 2014.

4. A. Khoukhi, M. Hamdan, Mobile parallel manipulators, modelling and data-driven motion planning, International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, vol. 10, 2013.

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