Towards Reliable, Scalable, and Deployable Millimeter-wave Systems

Ish Jain
PhD Candidate
University of California, San Diego
ECSE Topical Seminar
DCC 324
Tue, February 27, 2024 at 4:00 PM

Unlocking the true potential of mmWave frequencies for applications such as automotive vehicles and AR/VR requires overcoming significant challenges. Despite their high bandwidth, today's mmWave networks struggle to meet the stringent requirements of these applications due to limitations in providing reliable and low-latency connections. The challenge lies in managing directional beams that combat high path loss but limit deployment due to occlusion and inefficient resource distribution. To overcome these limitations, I have developed novel multi-beamforming techniques, including blockage-resilient multi-beams (mmReliable, Sigcomm’21) and frequency-dependent multi-beams (mmFlexible, Infocom’23). This revolutionary concept empowers efficient and flexible distribution of time-frequency resources among multiple users, resulting in improved latency and seamless scalability to accommodate numerous devices. I further develop systems and algorithms for wireless sensing using existing network infrastructure and explore security vulnerabilities in communication and sensing systems. Additionally, I have successfully built a 5G standard-compliant mmWave testbed using off-the-shelf phased arrays and SDRs and demonstrated the efficacy of our schemes in practical environments.

Ish Jain

Ish Jain is a PhD candidate in the ECE Department at UC San Diego. He holds a master's degree from New York University and bachelors' degree from IIT Kanpur, India. His research takes a multidisciplinary perspective on optimizing wireless connectivity by improving reliability, scalability, and practical deployments. Ish has received the Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2022 and VMWare research grant 2023. He has been recognized for his work with the Best Poster Award at Hotmobile 2023 and has won the 3-minute Thesis at ACM Mobisys’20, Mobicom’21, and Mobicom’22. His research is recognized by Marconi Society Scholar in Residence'22 program and has been published in leading venues such as Sigcomm, NSDI, Mobicom, Infocom, and IEEE journals. Ish has served as Chair for Mobicom S3 workshop'23, TPC at WCNC'22, and artifact evaluation committee for CoNEXT’19, Mobicom’23 and Sigcomm’23.