2022 Grainger Power Engineering Awards & Ceremony

Posted April 21, 2022
Winners of the Grainger Award and ECSE faculty
From Left: Joe Chow, Sheppard Salon, Brennan Loder, Alyssa Noble, Luigi Vanfretti, Allan Nesathurai and John Wen
Brennan M. Loder, Allan H. Nesathurai and Alyssa J. Noble were the 2022 recipients of the prestigious Grainger Scholars Award.

On April 20, 2022, at the annual Grainger Scholars ceremony, three ESCE students received the prestigious Grainger Scholars Award, which is given every spring. Prof. Emeritus Sheppard Salon gave a talk to start the awards, after which the award winners shared their journey to studying Electric Power. Funding for the awards is provided by the Grainger Foundation, a private organization based in Lake Forest, IL which supports U.S. technical education and workforce development. The foundation has been awarding this scholarship to RPI students in the electric power field for the last fourteen years. ECSE awardees must demonstrate superior academic performance and future promise for work or research in the field of energy sources and systems, especially electric power.Cover of Award Ceremony Program

For more information on this year's winners, please see the 2022 ceremony program.

To watch the awards ceremony, please click here.