Advanced Manufacturing Research and Education at Rensselaer

Posted May 1, 2019
John Wen, Students, and Staff with Industrial Robot
John Wen, Students, and Staff with Industrial Robot
Researchers are creating next-level processes and leading the acceleration of the manufacturing sector.

John Wen is excited by the prospect of using robots to monitor illness and help disabled individuals with household chores. “I’m thinking about a home assistant you could ask to get something from the fridge or put in the microwave, to give people a level of independence,” explains Wen, the Russell Sage Professor, who heads the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering. “And I think some form of this is even possible in five to 10 years.” 

Sam Chiappone ’99 is inspired by the students who go on to influence the way our products, tools, and technology are made. “We’re not just teaching somebody ‘this is what manufacturing is.’ We teach them lessons they use to work for Regeneron, Apple, or wherever they go,” says Chiappone, director of manufacturing innovation at the School of Engineering.

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