ECSE Artistic eXpression in Decorating Mercer XLab Renovation

Posted December 23, 2023
Destressing Day 2023
Destressing Day 2023 to Decorate the Mercer XLab Construction Wall
ECSE community comes together to decorate the empty construction walls in the Mercer XLab renovation.

The ECSE community came together on December 13 to decorate the empty white construction wall in the Mercer XLab renovation on the 6th floor of the Jonsson Engineering Center.   Students, Staff, and Faculty let their creative sparks fly, and filled up the walls in every direction.    Robots were on hand to cheer the crowd on.  The Pepper Robot from Prof. Qiang Ji's lab chats up folks using chatGPT.  The UR 5 robot from Prof. John Wen's lab, now known as the  Universal Rtiste, donned a  beret, took pictures of participants, and sketched their faces on a tablet.  All in all, a great way to destress before the finals!