LESA Center Featured in Illuminating Engineering Society Video Showcase

Posted July 1, 2019
LESA Center video showcase: from Cognition, Circadian Rhythm, to Plants
LESA Center video showcase
Center for Light Enabled Systems and Applications (LESA) was featured in Illuminating Engineering Society video showcase.

The Center for Light Enabled Systems and Applications (LESA) has just completed its successful ten-year NSF funding and is continuing its path breaking work on using lighting to improve the environment and human health.   LESA is headed by the ECSE faculty Prof. Robert Karlicek, and involves a number of ECSE faculty.

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) featured the LESA Center as part of its Education Faculty Showcase. This 7 videos series highlights the main research areas of LESA and illustrates the dedication of the Center's researchers. Visit the links below to watch the videos and learn more.

LESA Center Overview: Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications @RPI with Center Director Dr. Robert Karlicek

Cognition: Interactive Realities with Center Deputy Director and LESA Faculty Researcher Dr. Rich Radke

Efficient Buildings: Integrated Building Environment Management with LESA Faculty Researcher Dr. Sandipan Mishra

Plant Science 1: Precise Wavelength Tuning for Optimal Growth  with LESA Researcher Rick Neal

Plant Science 2: Growth for the Future  with former LESA Sr. Researcher Dr. Tessa Pocock

Healthcare: Control Systems for Circadian Rhythm with LESA Faculty Researcher Dr. John Wen

VLC Communication: Unlimited Bandwidth with LESA Graduate Researcher Asif Chowdhury