Luigi Vanfretti Elected to the Modelica Association

Posted March 20, 2019
Luigi Vanfretti

Luigi Vanfretti, associate professor of electrical engineering, was recently elected to the Modelica Association. The nonprofit organization “develops coordinated, open access standards and open source software in the area of cyber physical systems.”

To be considered for membership, individuals must contribute to the goals of the association. Vanfretti was elected, he said, for the work he has done to adopt Modelica language in power systems, and for organizing the first American Modelica Conference in 2018.

Vanfretti is the director of the Analysis Laboratory for Synchrophasor and Electrical energy Technology at Rensselaer, also known as the ALSETLab. The acronym is a tribute to Nikola Tesla, which becomes apparent when read in reverse. Vanfretti and his team conduct research on cyber-physical power system modeling and simulation.

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