Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Awarded Multiple Grants on Robotics for Advanced Manufacturing

Posted October 10, 2019
RPI ARM Project Team
ARM Robotic Assistant for Composites Manufacturing Project Team
ECSE leads participation by Rensselaer in the ARM Institute

Rensselaer has been highly successful in winning projects funded by the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute, as described in  ECSE faculty, John Wen, Rich Radke, and Paul Schoch, together with research staff at the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems, Glenn Saunders and William Lawler, have been leading these efforts.  The ARM-funded projects include:

  • Assistant for Composites Manufacturing. RPI (lead) Partners: GE Global Research, IEEE Global Spec, Vistex Composites, Wason Technology, FuzeHub, Benet Laboratory, Southwest Research Institute, Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  
  • Robot Raconteur: an Interoperable Middleware for Robotics. RPI (lead) Partners: Wason Technology, Southwest Research Institute, United Technology Research Center.
  • Advanced Control for Robotics Surface Treatment. United Technology Research Center (lead) Partner: RPI.  
  • Human-Robot Teaming for Composite Ply Lay-up and Conforming. Boeing (lead) Partners: RPI, University of Southern California. 
  • Open Source Teach Pendant Programming Environment. RPI (lead) Partners: Wason Technology, GE Global Research, Southwest Research Institute, United Technology Research Center.
  • Handling and Direct 3D Draping of Limped Materials. GE Global Research and GE Aviation (lead).  Partners: RPI, Vistex Composites.
  • Development of a Cost Effective Robotic Sewing System. RPI (lead) Partners: Interface Technology, Hickey Freeman, DAP America, National Safety Apparel, Yaskawa Robotics.
  • FunFab Pre-Apprentice Training and Certification.  RPI (lead) Partner: DURO Workforce.