Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications (LESA)

The LESA Center is dedicated to developing autonomous intelligent systems to address modern challenges in the connected environment. LESA research integrates basic science, applied engineering and societal needs transforming how people live and work.

LESA  joins academia, industry, and government in partnerships with the aim of producing transformational engineered systems and solutions to address real world applications using light in the areas of efficient buildings, healthcare, cognition, plant science, and VLC communications, among others. LESA research is concentrated around its fundamentals of using adaptive sensors and controls to provide the right light at the right time and in the right place for numerous and practical real world applications. 

LESA faculty and senior research engineers work alongside engineering undergraduates, graduates, and post-doctoral fellows who are adept at innovation and primed for leadership in the global economy. LESA partners with Boston University, The University of New Mexico, and Thomas Jefferson University to achieve its objectives.

 “Systems that ThinkTM”.