Prof. Shur is the Patricia and Sheldon Roberts Professor of Solid State Electronics and Professor of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and co-founder, President and CEO of Electronics of the Future, Inc. He was also a co-founder and Vice-President of Sensor Electronics Technology, Inc. (a leading producer of deep ultraviolet LEDs) and founder of co-founder of several other startups, including Electronics of the Future, Inc. Dr.

For power system operators, it is difficult to identify location of forced or poorly damped oscillations as they are caused by equipment malfunction or improper tuning of equipment, both of which are not represented in the simulation models. If a resonance with the natural oscillations of the system takes place and the oscillations are not mitigated, such an event can cause equipment damage or a blackout of a part of the system.

ECSE Professor Michael Shur has been elected a Fellow of the Institute of Physics. Fellow of the Institute of Physics (FInstP) is the highest level of membership attainable within IOP and is for those with a degree in physics or related subject (or equivalent knowledge gained in the workplace) and who have made a significant impact on their sector.

On being elected, Professor Shur said, “I am very grateful to our Department, to my students and my colleagues for their support and encouragement during these difficult and uncertain times.”

The interactive online discussion on “Innovation and Opportunities in Robotics," featured a panel of alumni and alumnae leaders in the industry, and was moderated by ECSE's Department Head, Prof. John Wen. The discussion also included a tour of an on campus lab.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the ways in which we live, work, and spend our free time, from the smart devices in our homes to the tasks our phones can carry out. This transformation is being made possible by a surge in data and computing power that can help machine learning algorithms not only perform device-specific tasks, but also help them gain intelligence or knowledge over time.

Dr. Birsen Yazici received her B.S. degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics from Bogazici University, Istanbul Turkey, in 1988, and the M.S.and Ph.D.degrees in mathematics and electrical engineering from Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA, in 1990 and 1994, respectively. From September 1994 to 2000, she worked as a Research Engineer at General Electric Company Global Research Center, Schenectady NY, USA.

ECSE Associate Professor Ali Tajer was presented with the 2021 James M. Tien ’66 Early CAREER Award and Grant for Faculty at the Rensselaer’s 2021 commencement.  This prize in recognition of early career achievement is funded and awarded by the faculty. The recipient, chosen by the Faculty Committee on Honors by nomination of the faculty, must have been on the faculty for a minimum of three years and have a maximum of 10 years of professional experience. The award and grant honors productivity in both teaching and research, with outstanding achievement in one of these areas.

On May 2, 2021, at the annual Grainger Scholars ceremony (held digitally this year), three ESCE students received the prestigious Grainger Scholars Award, which is given every spring. Funding for the awards is provided by the Grainger Foundation, a private organization based in Lake Forest, IL which supports U.S. technical education and workforce development.

Dennis Shelden and Robert Karlicek, the heads of two prominent research centers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, will serve as co-directors of the new Rensselaer Institute for Energy, the Built Environment, and Smart Systems (EBESS).