ECSE Faculty

Alhussein Abouzeid
Computer Networks, Networked Systems, IoT, Smart Grid, Vehicular Networks
Ishwara B. Bhat
Type II-VI Semiconductors, CdTe, ZnTe, hBN and other , Epitaxial Films
Jeffrey Braunstein
microwave heating, antenna theory, numerical computing
Tianyi Chen
Assistant Professor
Machine Learning and AI, Optimization, Signal Processing, Communication Networks
Joe H. Chow
NAE, Institute Professor
Web simulator, Voltage-sourced, Voltage stability analysis, Voltage and power dispatch, UPFC, Sensitivity analysis, Rated-capacity operation, Loadflow models, IPFC, GUPFC, FACTS controllers, EPRI, Dynamic models, Dispatch strategies, Damping control, CSC, Converter based, Computational tools
T. Paul Chow
Semiconductor Power Devices and ICs, Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, Semiconductors, Electronics and Circuits
Partha Dutta
Semiconductor Optoelectronics, Nanotechnology , Crystal Growth, Solar Thermal Energy, Full Spectrum Photovoltaics, Full Spectrum Solid State Lighting
W. Randolph Franklin
parallel computing, computational geometry, geographic information science, computer aided design, efficient algorithms for large geometric datasets, modeling terrain
George Gela
Mahmood Hameed
Fiber Optic Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Analog and Digital Circuit Design
Mona M. Hella
High speed circuits for wireless/optical transceivers, Millimeter wave and THz integrated circuits, biomedical and energy harvesting interface ICs
Rena Huang
Associate Professor
optoelectronic devices, integration and packaging, 3-D integrated microsystems, lightwave circuits, integrated slow wave structures, photodetectors, electro-optic modulators, laser diodes
Qiang Ji
Computer Vision, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning, Affective Computing, Human Behavior and State Modeling, Monitoring, and Recognition , Natural Human and Machine Interactions , Active Information Fusion for Situation Awareness and Decision Making under Uncertainty
Agung Julius
Associate Professor
Control, Robotics, and Automation
Junichi Kanai
Professor of Practice
engineering education, software engineering, systems engineering
Koushik Kar
routing and traffic management in computer networks, congestion control and fair resource allocation, ad-hoc and sensor networks
Robert Karlicek
Director, Center for Lighting Enabled Systems & Applications (LESA)
Advanced lighting systems, Advanced display technologies, Lighting and biological applications, Advanced sensor technology, Internet of Things, Optoelectronics
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Amar Khoukhi
Sr. Lecturer
Russell P. Kraft
Sr. Lecturer
embedded systems and control education, electronic manufacturing inspection, high-speed digital circuits
Yannick LeCoz
Associate Professor
numerical methods, random-walk algorithms for thermal and electromagnetic analysis of IC interconnects, quantum theory of semiconductor heterojunctions
James Jianqiang Lu
LED Display and Lighting, Solar Cell and Fuel Cell Technology, Nano-Micro-electronics, materials, devices, fabrication & Integration, Photonics, Power Electronics, Neutron Detection Devices, Smart System Hyper-Integration
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Derya Malak
Assistant Professor
Communications, Information Theory, Networks, Stochastic Processes
John F. McDonald
communication theory, coding and switching theory, computer architecture, integrated circuit design, high frequency packaging, digital signal processing
Richard J. Radke
computer vision, video processing, human-scale, occupant-aware environments, social signal processing, video analytics, smart lighting, visual effects, radiotherapy
Shayla Sawyer
Associate Professor
optoelectronics, characterization, design, sensor development
Paul M. Schoch
Associate Professor, Director, CIPCE
plasma diagnostics, instrumentation, engineering education
E. Fred Schubert
Professor and Constellation Chair, Future Chips
compound semiconductor materials and devices
Manoj Shah
Professor of Practice
Michael Shur
Patricia W. and C. Sheldon Roberts Professor of Solid State Electronics
Solid State Devices, Semiconductor Devices, Integrated Circuits
Jian Sun
Professor and Director, CFES
Renewable Energy – Wind and PV Power Conversion, Control and Grid Integration; , High Voltage DC Transmission – Converter Technology, Control and System Stability; , Microgrids, Mobile and Autonomous Power Systems; , Wide Bandgap Power Electronics for Aerospace and Renewable Energy Applications; , Electromagnetic Interference and Power Quality Related to Power Electronics; , Modeling and Control of Power Electronic Converters and Systems
Ali Tajer
Associate Professor
Statistical Learning Theory, Information Theory, Wireless Communications, Power System
Luigi Vanfretti
Associate Professor
electric power engineering, power systems, system identification, synchrophasor measurement technology and applications, modeling and simulation of physical and cyber-physical systems, physical and cyber-physical systems stability and control, real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation, smart grid
Meng Wang
Associate Professor
Machine learning, High-dimensional data analytics, Power Systems, Signal Processing
John T. Wen
Head, Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering
Robotics, Control systems, Thermal management, Mechatronics
Kyle R. Wilt
Wireless ultrasonic power transmission and digital communication , Piezoelectric transducer theory and design, Acoustic and ultrasonic wave theory, Embedded systems
Birsen Yazici
inverse problems in biomedical imaging, tomography, diffuse optical tomography, biomedical optics, free space optical communications, ultrasonics, statistical pattern recognition theory and application
Tong Zhang
memory and data storage systems, computer architecture, cloud storage and computing, VLSI signal processing