Undergraduate Degree Programs

ECSE Undergraduate Programs

The ECSE undergraduate cohort spans the full breadth of this dynamic and exciting field. Young researchers are encouraged to creatively apply computer technologies and mathematics to the design, development, testing and implementation of a wide range of products.

Students can explore areas in wireless communications and computer networking, internet of things (IOT), robotics and automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), electronics and photonics, imaging science, power electronics, and power systems through engaging coursework and research opportunities.

Many students who successfully complete undergraduate programs in the ECSE go on to graduate programs at some the top engineering research schools such as RPI, MIT, Harvard, Princeton University, Rice University, Carnegie Melon, and Stanford, among others. 

"Students in ECSE majors have a lot of freedom to take advantage of all aspects of our expansive curriculum offerings. Students can choose for themselves what best matches their interests and abilities." - Dr. Shayla Sawyer, ECSE undergraduate curriculum committee chair.