Research Labs

ALSETLab at the Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering Department of Rensselaer is a time-sensitive and real-time simulation-based hardware & software development and testing platform for cyber-physical power systems, among others. 
The laboratory provides an open shop environment with sophisticated equipment for students to work on personal projects of their own design. As part of its core mission, the Mercer Lab hosts electronics design competitions and support student design teams engaging in national and international challenges.
We conduct research on the deposition of electronic materials in thin film form for use in advanced solid state devices such as infrared (IR) detectors, neutron detectors and high power and high voltage semiconductor power devices. Materials of interest include silicon carbide for high voltage power devices, hexagonal boron nitride for neutron detectors, cadmium telluride, zinc telluride and related materials for solar cells and IR detectors.
The Intelligent Systems Lab performs research in computer vision, machine learning with probabilistic graphical models, and their applications.
The Radke Laboratory focuses on video processing and computer vision problems in diverse applications including biomedicine, radiation therapy, homeland security, smart lighting, and three-dimensional data processing.
The Semiconductor Devices Research Laboratory focuses on semiconductor materials and devices.