Ge Wang

Ge Wang
Clark & Crossan Endowed Chair Professor and Director of Biomedical Imaging Center
School of Engineering

Ge Wang is Clark & Crossan Endowed Chair Professor and Director of the Biomedical Imaging Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His interests include medical imaging and artificial intelligence especially deep learning. Wang published the first spiral cone-beam/multi-slice CT method in 1991 and has systematically contributed many papers and patents in this area. Also, his group and collaborators developed interior tomography theory to solve the long-standing interior problem, and initiated research of omni-tomography with simultaneous CT-MRI as an example. In 2016, he published the first perspective on deep learning-based tomographic imaging, lead-edited the first and second IEEE TMI special issues on deep reconstruction, and with his coauthors wrote the first book on deep learning-based tomography and a series of papers on various deep imaging topics. His results were featured in Nature, Science, PNAS, and news media. He received various major societal awards, and is Fellow of IEEE, SPIE, AAPM, OSA, AIMBE, AAAS, and NAI.



University of Buffalo
Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
M.S. Remote Sensing

Xidian University
B.E. Signal Processing

Focus Area

X-ray computed tomography, Optical molecular tomography, Magnetic resonance imaging, Multimodality imaging, Artificial intelligence (Deep learning), Radiomics