Graduate Service Award

The ECSE Graduate Service Award consisting of a certificate and a $500 honorarium is awarded annually to up to two graduate students from the ECSE department in recognition of their altruistic service, dedication, and commitment to improving the ECSE graduate student experience at RPI.

The student service may be in the form of, but not limited to, activities such as:

•           Actively serving in the ECSE Graduate Student Council.

•           Mentoring undergraduate students as a part of the ECSE MENTOR program.

•           Volunteering in ECSE Graduate Council events such as Accepted Students Day, Graduate Student Orientation, RQE Preparation Seminars and ECSE Graduate Research showcase presentations.

•           Active participation in ECSE Topical Seminars and ECSE Distinguished Mercer Seminars.

•           Involvement in IEEE Student Branch.

•           Active leadership role in institute-wide graduate student events.

•           Advancing graduate student interests and helping to cultivate an inclusive climate and culture at RPI.


Eligibility: Current ECSE graduate students, including PhD and MS/co-term, can be nominated by a faculty, student, or through a self-nomination process.