Co-Terminal BS/MS Program

Non-ECSE RPI undergraduates from a closely related field should consult with the ECSE Graduate Services office or the Department before applying. All applicants must have completed a minimum of 90 credits. These may include AP credits, transfer credits and courses in progress. Co-terminal students must complete all BS requirements and graduate within 8 semesters, at which point their status will change to graduate. Rensselaer undergraduate scholarships and grants will be extended for up to 2 semesters of graduate study.


To be considered for the ECSE Co-Terminal program you must:

  • Have completed 90 credits with a minimum 3.5 GPA     
  • Submit the application with all sections completed and signed by your undergraduate advisor, accompanied by the following materials:
    • Completed Master’s Plan of Study
    • Co-Terminal Planner appropriate for your plan
    • 2 letters of recommendation
    • Degree-Works report
    • Well-written Statement of Background and Goals
    • Resume

The GRE exam is not required.

Students interested in applying must use the online application through Slate starting with potential Fall 2021 admits and beyond.  Although this new application process is through Graduate Admissions, students should follow the department deadlines for submission.  It is recommended that you meet with Kelley Kritz ( or communicate by email or WebEx before completing your application and if you have any questions. Applicants will be notified by Graduate Admissions once a decision has been made.

Co-Terminal informational website:

Co-Terminal Application | RPI INFO

On this page you will find details on how to get to the application, the 4th and 5th year planner, and the Plan of Study form.

Department Deadline to apply

  • November 1st for students who are first semester seniors in Fall (second semester seniors in Fall apply by October 15)
  • April 15th for students who are first semester seniors in Spring (second semester seniors in Spring apply by February 15)

Late applications will not be accepted.


  • Professor Richard Radke, Master’s Program Director
  • Ms. Kelley Kritz, Graduate Program Administrator