Forms and Information

OGE: Plan of Study, Change of Status, Policies on Leaves of absence, etc.

Registrar: Approval for an Undergraduate to take a Graduate Course, Independent Study Registration form, Transcript Request, Thesis/Project/Dissertation Registration, etc. 

Student Health Services: Health Forms, Counseling Forms, Disability Services, etc.

ISSS: Policies and forms for F and J visa students.

Thesis/Dissertation: Checklists, Submission details, forms, etc.  Also see the Thesis Template Guide

Student Employment: I-9, W-2, Direct Deposit, etc. 

DQE/RQE: info on pre- and post-2020 versions, also see here for the new RQE application and Major/Minor Concentrations form

ECSE Seminars: Each Graduate student is required to complete the seminar reflection survey for at least 6 of any type of ECSE Seminar (listed on the ECSE event page) each semester (one survey form per seminar).


New Programs and Forms

New Students: In the first semester, you'll need to complete the Major/Minor Concentration form, a Plan of Study (POS), and Advisor form. 

TA Best Practices: The ECSE TA Best Practices sheet is your guide to being the best TA you can be.  It was put together by those who have held the position and know the ins and outs of what makes a good TA. 


Fellowships and Resources

External Fellowships page

External Graduate Fellowships/Faculty Resources page