Information Science and Systems

AI and Machine Learning

The next industrial revolution will largely be driven by Intelligent Technologies (ITs).  It will mark with the ubiquitous presence and applications of intelligent algorithms and systems, such as autonomous machines and smart devices.  ECSE faculty has a long tradition in developing intelligent technologies.  The AI and Machine Learning Systems (AI/ML Systems) group performs fundamental research in AI and machine learning as well as their applications to various physical systems.

For fundamental research, faculty in the AI/ML Systems group focuses on theoretical developments in computer vision, pattern recognition, probabilistic graphical models, computer graphics, information theory, compressive sensing, robotic control, paralleling processing, and smart chip design.  

For applications, the group applies AI/ML technologies to various physical systems, including robotics, cyber-physical systems, cybersecurity, Internet of things, electric power systems, lighting systems, and sensor network.

The group’s interdisciplinary research provides opportunities for collaborations with other departments/centers on campus, including Computer Science, MANE, Cognitive Science, IDEA, CISL, and CATS.

Area Chair: Ali Tajer