Electronics & Photonics

Optical Sensor

The discovery of new devices have become the basic building blocks of any new systems that positively impact modern daily life. One of the new projects involves investigation of an advanced regime of transistor operation in the terahertz range using the excitation and rectification of plasma waves in the transistor channel.

ESCE faculty and researchers are developing tools and technologies in state of the art laboratory facilities that includes a clean room to carry out advanced study and research in Electronics & Photonics. 

Several other specialized laboratories are also available and equipped to meet industrial standards for advanced research techniques. The electronic materials laboratory includes several  bulk crystal growth systems, wafer slicing and chemical-mechanical polishing facilities, liquid phase epitaxy system for multilayer hetero-epitaxial growth, and cold wall epitaxial reactors for the growth of single crystal III-V, II-VI semiconductors.

Area Chair: Mona Hella

Affiliated Faculty